kodion consulting

BizzPadi Business Solutions

We understand the struggles with being a startup, so we decided to partner with Brand Trends Innovative of Nigeria (BTI) to solve one of the biggest issues with businesses in Nigeria.
Kodion Consulting will be providing full support with its expertise in this solution to make it one of the best in the country. Prior to this partnership, we embarked on years long researches
to be able to arrive in the solutions we are going to be providing to businesses across the country and other countries that fits this business model.
Packed with experts in Native mobile development, Single Page Applications, Progressive Web Applications and Web development, Kodion consulting will be tapping into new technologies that will be tailored in speed, accessibility and limited data usage so as to compete heavily in
a country where internet connectivity is the outermost problems for business owners. Kodion consulting is also trying to move the generation of business owners to think and work differently.
The system is expected to launch by 07/01/2019.