kodion consulting

Web Application for Hotel and Holiday package Booking

Hotel reservation

After booking train ticket, bus ticket or flight ticket the system will provide option to search hotels. Customer can reserve the hotels by selecting check-in date, checkout date and hotel name.

  • Search hotels by entering city
  • Find hotels and room types
  • Add check-in date and check-out date
  • Book or reserve domestic and international hotels
  • Cancellation

Holiday package

The customer can search tour packages by entering destination, duration of travel, month of travel and number of person

  • Holiday packages based on vacation
  • View holiday package price details, and package details
  • Book domestic and International holiday packages
  • Cancellation

Payment module

This module allows customers to make payment after the reservation. The customer will receive ticket receipt by mail after the payment.

  • Make payment to selected service
  • Generate billing receipt
  • Update credit card details
  • View payment details

My Account

This module is for customers where customer can access account module after login id and password. This module will display booked ticket, Billing receipt, ticket cancellation page, logout, etc.

  • Display booked receipt
  • Change password
  • Update profile information

Cancel booking

 Customer can cancel flight ticket, bus ticket, train ticket, or hotel bookings. The system refunds paid amount the after deducting cancellation charges.

  • Cancel booking details
  • Cancellation policy
  • Refundable and non-refundable booking amount
  • View payment details

Dashboard module

This module allows the administrator of this site to manage the different aspects of ticket reservation related activities. The administrator of the site can add or modify the records of flights, bus, train, holiday packages, etc.

  • Add, edit, view flight records
  • Add, edit, view bus agency and busses.
  • Add, edit, view train details
  • Add, edit, view hotel information
  • Add, edit, view holiday packages
  • View bookings, View cancellation report
  • View payment report
  • Add users
  • Change password