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Kodion - IT Consulting and Engineering Firm


Kodion is a tech company offering reliable partnerships for creating top-class IT solutions. We combine innovation with proven technology standards to create experiences that reflect your brand and expertise. We are based in the heart of Kansas City and Des Moines and our sister companies are in Nigeria and China. We understand the risks of outsourcing, that is the reason why we stay very engaged and connected with our clients during the life cycle of a project. We enable our employees to work on challenging projects and grow professionally in the expertise they prefer. Thus, we make a single team that supports a company in its global growth strategy.
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Our Core Expertise

We always find ourselves telling our future clients that we have the tech stack. This is probably because we try so hard to keep in touch with the latest and greatest but we still try to retain the knowledge of the old techs. We are great in migrating an old system to a newer technology and we are also great at building newer technology from an older perspective.

Software Development

We have done a lot of project using different technologies to meet our client's needs. At Kodion, our developers enjoy working with the greatest and latest, but we also excel at working with old technologies.


Azure Dev Ops

Our DevOps team have worked with a lot of clients accross USA, Canada and Europe. We simply understand the use of Azure DevOps and how to integrate it with business use and processes. We have built over 200 custom build and release tasks to tailor with our client's needs.



We want to apply real life experiences to any project that we have in our pipeline. Our engineering team which mostly are in Nigeria, are working on solutions to solve issues in third world countries. They are are also reseaching on better Battery systems, renewable energies and satellite systems.


Project Architecture

We will write up a plan for your project before we expect you to sign the contract. Our plans are free of charge and are thoroughly thought through so as to be in budget and on time. We have amazing system architects.


Embedded Systems

With our engineer team in Nigeria and our embedded system team in China, we have all you need from start to finish.



We offer custom designed AI and IoT solutions for smart homes, transportation, personal devices, wearables, etc. Our developers follow the latest trends in artificial intelligence to deliver smart solutions to SMEs and large organizations. We are very fortunate to be connected to some companies in China that we can work with to build the hardware we need for the job. Our engineering team in Nigeria specializes in mapping out each component that will need to be built to complete the project.


Big Data

We can build a custom system for your ideas using Python. It doesn't matter how much data you are expecting, we have exactly what you need to get the job done.


Content Management Systems

Websites are a living, breathing creature. To be most effective, they need to be continually updated with fresh, relevant content. If you have to call your web developer every time an update needs to happen, the costs will rack up quickly. Control those costs by internalizing those updates with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).


Custom Relationship Management

Our CRM team have worked with a lot of clients across USA, Canada and Europe. We simply understand the use of CRM tools and how to integrate it with business use and processes. We have worked on three different CRM tools and built custom API/modules for these tools to serve the data to our clients.


Our Community

Kodion being a multi-national company, we believe that we are very fortunate to be able to grow the way we are growing. Thanks to the amazing clients that have trusted to give us a chance in showing them what we can do. We also try to give back to the community in these areas:

Animal Rescue

Well we are crazy animal people. We have engaged in many rescue organizations around Kansas city and Des moines metro to assist on free tech support and also fostering. For every successful project, a shelter organization gets to rejoice with us in the form of donations.


After School Engineering Program

We have been engaging with some schools for after school workshops with high school students. We want to promote STEM programs back to our schools and hopefully find our future engineers.



We believe that talent can be found anywhere and also the talented ones are just waiting for an opportunity. This is why Kodion is working with some local companies in Nigeria to promote engineering exhibitions to award participants/winners with some money for college.