kodion consulting

Web Development

Our website development process is 15 years in the making -- structured for efficiency and high-quality output. We start with a website specifications document, ensuring your requirements are outlined and communicated to our team at the start, and follow-through with extensive quality assurance testing. At Kodion, we believe in transparency. We also believe in doing it the right way the first time. That is the reason why our clients has enjoyed our "bug free" policies.
We are also very proud to be part of the Microsoft community. With over 4 developers in our Team Microsoft MVPs, we try to give our clients options of frameworks while building their web application. We are very big in the DNN(DotNetNuke) CMS and Orchard CMS communities. If you have any .NET related CMS, odds are we already worked on it. We have already built modules that can make development cheaper and faster for our clients.

Want to be kept in the loop? During the Development Phase, we’ll create a development environment for your work-in-progress website so you can monitor our progress in real-time, while having an available test environment for your website training. This is just one of the many ways we approach websites differently.