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Kodion DevOps Team


Our DevOps team have worked with a lot of clients accross USA, Canada and Europe. We simply understand the use of Azure DevOps and how to integrate it with Business use and processes. We have built over 200 custom build and release tasks to tailor with our client's needs.
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Services and Solutions

Our DevOps specialists guarantee that your project is managed effectively. They are able to enhance project delivery model using a unique set of tools. Our DevOps team can help you save time for new iterations with an individual strategy for the development process.

Software Deployment

As part of the software deployment process, our DevOps monitor production servers and applications to ensure that everything is running smoothly. We are very good with Azure analytic tools and we can make sure your application is running app insights so as to check the application heart beats in the azure dev ops portal.


Continuous Integration and Delivery

Our DevOps teams are experts in design and introduction of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery into software development. They use the best platforms which improve the quality of software and ensure on-time delivery.


Build Automation

Our experts are highly skilled in using different technology stacks. We offer our clients the best-suited set of languages, frameworks, libraries, and databases. We can tie your build with your work item id or story to provide visibility to a certain story in your board.


Release Management

We have long experience in managing projects of different complexity and scope from the very beginning to release. Our developers automated the SDLC process for gaining higher productivity and faster time to market. We can also write reusable custom YAML that can help our client to do certain tasks for every release.


Repo creating and GIT

We can import your repository from anywhere to a new repo in dev ops. We also train teams on how to use advance git functions to keep clean code and prevent pushing codes that are not ready to go into production. This can also provide better visibility on which builds/releases/branch is tied to a certain work item and test case.


Dashboards Custom Development

We provide our customers with the capabilities to monitor different KPIs and metrics. The task of analyzing large amounts of data takes time and resources. Custom designed dashboards allow for minimizing efforts by representing raw data in an easily readable form. This makes it possible for our customers to know what exactly is going on in their app.