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Kodion Python Development Team


We have a team that only specializes on Python. Our team are able to design advance software for our customers. If you want to leverage Python on your next project, we are the right company.
python development

Our Python Development and Services

We try to think that our Python development expertise is close to the best. We have focused in connecting with Python developers in the past few years so as to leverage the growing need for Python applications.

Data Analysis

We have worked with some Big Data companies all over the US in data analysis. We can install the right analytic tools to quickly analyze your data.


Enterprise Applications

We take the most out of Python's simple syntax, large libraries, and scalability to build and customize enterprise-grade applications for different industries including finance, insurance, HR, manufacturing, etc.


Web Application

Python was used to create such web frameworks as CherryPy, Django, TurboGears, Bottle, Flask, etc. Our developers use basic modules to facilitate processes, including database integration, interfacing, and content management.


Game Application

The team works with numerous tools and libraries for game development. We utilize PyGame with rich functionality and PySoy as the main game engine, for example.


Desktop Application

Python has a very user friendly simple syntac and due to this modular architecture, Python is good to create desktop application. Our developers use various toolkits PyQt,wxPython,PyGtk to create highly functional Graphical User Interface (GUI).



For companies that care about Big Data and AI, our Python team can speak your language.