kodion consulting

Kodion AI Team


We offer custom designed AI and IoT solutions for smart homes, transportation, personal devices, wearables, etc. Our developers follow the latest trends in artificial intelligence to deliver smart solutions to SMEs and large organizations. We are very fortunate to be connected to some companies in China that we can work with to build the hardware we need for the job. Our engineering team in Nigeria specializes in mapping out each components that will need to be built so as to complete the project.

Development and Services

We are comfident that we will arrive to the solutions for you AI project. Our team creates applications to perform specific tasks for electronic trading, sensing, healthcare, transportation and education. Our AI experts will recommend you on how to better implement artificial intelligence technologies across your organization. We develop analytics tools for different purposes: personal use, enterprise intelligence, enterprise functions, industry specific business, etc. These tools help analysts make data-driven decisions and improve business processes.