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KloneTrak Compliance Solutions


KloneTrak by Kodion is a minority owned, Kansas City based company comprised of leading experts in customized solutions, artificial intelligence, agriscience, compliance solutions, enterprise software development, inventory and point of sale software, project planning and change management.


We utilize our information technology team and research and development department to continue to evolve our technology and produce software that is cutting edge and superior to our competitors in every aspect.


KloneTrak is not an off-the-shelf product like other compliance software. We take the infrastructure and features that set us apart and apply each customers requirements and business processes to make a solution that is specifically customized for them. This allows the customer to ensure they have a product that they will love without having to make their business needs fit into a inflexible pre-existing software that was not built with their unique needs in mind.

Kodion Klonetrak seed to sale

Knowledge Is Power

KloneTrak provides delivered custom reports, dashboards and analytics for our customers and licensees that will save them time, money, and resources by providing all pertinent data concisely, right at their fingertips.


Artificial Intelligence Software

KloneTrak leverages artificial intelligence to provide our customers with software that simulates human intelligence and is programmed to think like humans. This means the software is able learn and problem solve. This minimizes the amount of auditors needed to monitor the system for compliance programs.


"Smart” Waste Management

Utilizing other features within our system, KloneTrak can learn the average waste from a product based on information such as, strain, life phase and past product yields and waste. Once the system gathers that data, a flag will be sent to the auditor alerting them that the recorded data is outside of the normal limits. The system also requires licensees to provide the reason for the discrepancies.


Seed to Sale Tracking

Track all product inventory and plant growth phases with state of the art fixed and mobile RFID readers, superior RFID tags, integrated weight scales, CCTV, and plant “facial” recognition.


Auditor Support

We provide our customers the ability to quickly view discrepancies in the data provided by licensees via custom dashboards and reports. Flagged data can then be reviewed and assigned to compliance officers or other team members to investigate and resolve.



Our support model for both customers and licensees is unrivaled in the industry. We provide customer service and technical support for the life of the product.We also provide one-on-one support by user role, user guides, training videos, FAQ’s, custom integration, and API support.